“Only love can rebuild a man. Fabulous ride. The Door of Tireless Pursuit is what would happen if Jim Bucher, Neil Gaiman, and Carl Jung collaborated while on psilocybin. I loved the ride…Vessels makes use of idealized, feudal romantic traditions, archetypes, and an almost Yeatsian representation of the universe to show a man’s progress away from the mere material, through the degradation of life, and into an enlightened state in which only love remains as the foundation on which to build the new self. Applause.”

— Eric Witchey,
Author of Professor Witchey’s Miracle Mood Cure,
To Build A Boat Listen To Trees,
and Bull’s Labyrinth

“Another wonderful book by Stephen T. Vessels! After reading The Mountain & The Vortex, I’ve been looking forward to this book, and it exceeds all expectations! Love is one of the greatest themes in literature, and The Door of Tireless Pursuit shows just how far reaching, how profound, and how powerful it can be when placed at the center of a weird and dark fantasy…It’s a wild, imaginative ride!”

— Matthew Lowes,
Creator of Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls

“True to the weird wonderfulness of the Labyrinth of Souls series of books, Vessels has given us unforgettable characters in unforgettable settings. Sandy searches through time, finding clues and assembling them to regain the love of his life. In the process, he discovers more of who he is and who she is, and what he has to give up to be with her. A great read.

—Elizabeth Engstrom,
Author of The Northwoods Chronicles
and Baggage Check


Only love can rebuild a man.


About The BookAbout The Author
Sandy’s comfortable, workaday life is rocked when he meets Lark, a mysterious woman who can manipulate time and teleport across great distances at will. What begins as a romance turns deadly when she is abducted by a sorcerer who seeks to control the metaphysical portals she defends. Determined to rescue her, Sandy is drawn farther and farther from the life he knows, into the wondrous and perilous Labyrinth of Souls. There he meets fantastic allies and adversaries, and learns that the very fabric of reality is threatened by his quest.
Stephen T. Vessels is a Thriller Award nominated author of SF, dark fantasy and cross-genre fiction. His stories have appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and collections from Grey Matter Press and ShadowSpinners Press. His story collection, The Mountain & The Vortex and Other Tales, was released in 2016 by Muse Harbor Publishing. This is his first novel.